Bliss Hammocks 54" W To Go Hammock in a Bag®, Polyester, Portable, Supports up to 350-Pounds for Camping, Hiking and Outdoors


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  • Brazilian Style Camping Hammock: 54-inch wide bed. Brings together tradition and comfort. Its compact design accompanied with an included draw string bag makes this the perfect travel hammock. There is no assembly required. Our version has a patented design.
  • Polyester Rope: To-go hammock handcrafted with 100% handwoven, 3-ply, 6mm thick, natural color polyester rope. It's easy to hand wash using mild soap and cold water.
  • Rip-Stop Polyester Fabric: Made of strong, light weight, water resistant, quick-dry 100% rip-stop polyester with reinforced stitching for extra durability. The included draw string bag is made from the same material has the hammock, matching the elegant pattern design. Each pattern featured on Bliss Hammocks brand hammock was designed by our dedicated design team. Breathable, tightly woven fabric makes this hammock beautiful and strong. It's easy to hand wash using mild soap and cold water.

  • Thick Rope Loops: The thick, hand-woven rope loops have added strength, making it last longer that traditionally, thinner rope loops.
  • Hanging Kit: (2) Tree-Friendly Ropes: Conveniently included (2) 11mm thick, 11.5-ft ropes to hang you hammock without damaging the trees.
  • Drawstring Bag: Attached to the camping hammock bed. Made of the same breathable fabric as the hammock bed, the storage bag makes the Hammock in a Bag easy to carry and store. It measures approximately 13" H x 8" W x 3" D.
  • Hammock Dimensions: 80" long x 54" wide bed size. Overall length: 10'
  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs

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Instructional Video: Placing the To-Go Hammock in a Bag Back in its Attached Carry Bag