Bliss Hammocks 52-inch Royal Blue Camping Hammock and an XL Rain Tarp Shelter.
Person relaxing in a hammock hung between palm trees with the Bliss Hammocks Rain Shelter secured above him.
Bliss Hammocks 52-inch Wide Hammock in a Bag in the royal bliss variation with tree straps, carabiners, and carry bag below it.
Bliss Hammocks XL Hammock Rain Tarp.
Bliss Hammocks 52-inch Wide Hammock in a Bag with Carabiners and Tree Straps in the royal bliss variation: dark blue on the top half and a light blue color on the bottom.
Woman reading a book while laying outside in the Bliss Hammocks 52-inch Wide Hammock in a Bag with Carabiners and Tree Straps in the royal bliss variation
Man laying outside in the Bliss Hammocks 52-inch Wide Hammock in a Bag with Carabiners and Tree Straps in the royal bliss variation that is hung above another hammock.
Person carrying the Bliss Hammocks 52-inch Hammock in a Bag strapped to their backpack.
Person relaxing outside in a hammock underneath the Bliss Hammocks Rain Shelter.
Person using their boot to drive a stake in the ground for the Rain Shelter.

Cozy Camper Bundle | Camping Hammock + Rain Shelter

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BH-406ST-RB - Bliss Hammocks 54" Wide Hammock in a Bag W/ Carabiners and Tree Straps

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Made with a breathable, strong and comfortable nylon material that has triple stitched seams to keep your hammock durable & usable for years
  • EASY SET UP: Comes with a set of 9.75 ft long tree straps that are adjustable so they can be used between various length trees or posts! Also come with a set of carabiner
  • COMPACT & TRAVEL SIZED: Folds into attached pouch to a compact size of about 8" x 6", that can also be used for storage when opened.
  • DIMENSIONS: 108" long x 54" wide. Overall length: 10 ft
  • STRONG: Weight capacity up to 350 lbs.

The Bliss Hammocks® To Go Camping Hammock in a Bag® with adjustable tree straps is the perfect portable hammock for trips to campgrounds and parks. The Hammock weighs less than 2 pounds yet is strong enough to hold up to 350 Lbs. It's made with a strong yet soft, lightweight weather resistant, quick-drying & breathable high grade Nylon material. The fabric is dual-color and the seams are triple stitched for ultimate durability and strength. The hammock is extremely portable, yet roomy when opened and fits into a bag that's only 8” H x 6” D. The best part is the bag is attached to the hammock, so when opened, you have a storage pouch to hold your phone, drinks, books and much more. It also features our patented adjustable Tree Straps and carabiners, that give you the ability to hang your hammock between various lengths so you never have to find the perfect distanced trees and can hang without harming the trees! The Hammock bed size dimensions when opened is 108" long x 54" wide. Overall length: 10-ft, the perfect size and support for wherever and whenever you need it. Like all Bliss Hammocks products, this hammock comes with a one year warranty... Find Your Bliss®

HA-511XL - Bliss Hammocks Rain Shelter

  • WEATHER RESISTANT: Waterproof and UV Protected Polyester
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: Easy to Setup with included hanging ropes and (4) aluminum stakes
  • DIMENSIONS: 13' L x 9'2" W (30% larger than regular waterproof hammock tarps)

Don't let mother nature rain or shine too bright on your hammocking experience. With this UV-protected, XL Rain Tarp for Hammocks being over 117 square feet (30% larger than regular rain tarps) you can use it with most hammock beds. Dimensions: 13’ L X 9’2” W. It’s easy to set up and includes hanging ropes and 4 aluminum stakes. When it’s not being used, it can be folded p neatly into the practical storage bag it comes with. Made of 100% polyester with a waterproof coating.


We are a culture built on moving fast. I started Bliss
Hammocks® as a way to force moments of pause and have a better quality of life.
A Bliss Hammocks® product is a small piece of comfort and a portable way to
appreciate the work we do and the quality in life we build. - Victor Sabbagh