2-Person Weekender Rope Hammock

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2-Person Weekender Rope Hammock is an exquisite handcrafted polyester rope hammock with spreader bars will make a comfortable place to hang. You can enjoy this large and spacious hammock bed (80”L x 55”W bed size) alone or with a special someone. The beautiful spreader bars open the hammock, giving you all the room you need and more, supporting up to 500 pounds.
  • Polyester Rope: Made of handcrafted with 100% handwoven, 3-ply, 4mm thick polyester rope. It's easy to hand wash using mild soap and cold water

  • Spreader Bars: The carved, hardwood, spreader bars open the 2-person hammock bed to a 55-inch width and makes it easier to enter and exit the hammock bed. The spreader bars have a Mahogany varnish for a smooth finish.
  • O Rings: Stainless steel O rings are at the end of each braided rope for added strength. They allow you to hang the 2-person weekender rope hammock with ease.
  • Hanging Hardware: (2) S Hooks & (2) 12" Chains: Conveniently included, the zinc-coated, hanging hardware makes it easy to secure your 2-person rope hammock on a stand.
  • Hammock Dimensions: 80" long X 55" wide bed size / Overall Length: 12' (Fits our 15-ft Hammock Stand*, sold separately)
  • Weight Capacity: 450 lbs (Fits 2 persons)

  *Additional (1) Set of (2) 12-in Metal Chains are recommended when hanging from the 15-ft stand, sold separately.

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