Gravity-Free 2 Person Lounger FAQ

1. How do I set up the Gravity Free Recliner?

When you take it out of the box, it’s already in the collapsible/ folded position. First, check to make sure both locking mechanisms under the front part of the armrests are in the “up” position (parallel to the armrest). Next, hold the back frame and the front of the arm rest, and start pulling them away from each other. Once you start to see the legs open up on the bottom, start pushing the arm rests down until the legs are fully extended and the Recliner is in the upright position. Set up the pillow by following the instructions.  You’re now ready to sit in your Recliner.


2. How do I set up the pillow?

Lift the end flap of the pillow up and over the top of the recliner. Align the pillow’s velcro on top of the recliner’s velcro. The pillow’s velcro can be found on the end flap.  The recliner’s velcro can be found on the back-top of the recliner’s fabric. Grace your hand across the pillow end flap while adding pressure to secure the velcro in place.


3. How do I recline on the 2-Person Gravity Free Recliner?

Once you’re sitting on the Recliner, put your feet on the foot rest bar and gently push out with your legs while holding the armrests with your hands and pushing away from you at the same time. The chair should start to recline and you can lock in position at any reclining angle.


4. How do I lock the reclining position into place? 

Underneath both armrests, there are locking mechanisms that allow you to lock yourself into any reclining position. Lift the tabs on both sides to the “down” position (perpendicular to the arm rest) to lock the chair into a reclining position.


5. How do I put the chair back into the upright position?

First, unlock the tabs on both sides located under the front part of the armrest. Next, push down with your legs while pulling the armrest with your hands, towards you.


6. How do I clean the material?

Use mild soap and brush or sponge. Brush lightly until dirt or stain is removed and rinse with cold water.