General FAQ

1.    How do I extend the life of my hammock?


There are many suggestions you can follow to help with this. Please visit our Care & Maintenance section (#22) to find out more about cleaning and storing recommendations.


2.    What size hammock should I purchase?

Be sure to measure the area you plan to hang your hammock before purchasing. Our hammock sizes are all different so be sure to view all the dimensions before buying. If you have another brand hammock stand, we cannot guarantee all hammocks will fit on it. If you have additional questions that are not answered in this section, please contact

Length issues and how to fix them

Too Short for stand:

Easy fix: Longer or additional S hooks and chains will correct.

Hang hammock from 1 end of stand using ‘s’ hook and chain. Let the hammock sag to your desired length and then measure the needed amount of additional chain.


Too Long for Bliss stand:

If you are touching the ground or stand below you the Hammock is too long for the stand.


Notification of wrong size must be made within 2 weeks from DOP*.

Replace product at no charge with proof of purchase date.

            Receipt – shipping document – credit card statement


Without proof of purchase date: Unfortunately we can only offer replacement product at the regular retail selling price plus shipping.


If the hammock is not the same size as we claimed it to be:

Hammocks are hand crafted. No two are the same size. They also stretch with time and use. We cannot guarantee the exact size or that it will always stay that size.


*Date of Purchase


3.    How do I hang a hammock?

Hanging Instructions:


*Caution* If you are not familiar with construction, hardware or the use of tools, please use a qualified general contractor to install. Improper installation may cause injury.


Tree mounting – Two hardwood trees that are a minimum of 12 inches in diameter and a minimum of 14 feet apart are needed. Appropriate hardware or tree straps need to be used for support and attachment to trees. This should be available at your local hardware store or at Chains and S-hooks are recommended. They are strong and adjustable.


Post mounting – When only 1 tree or no trees are available, pressure treated posts can be substituted. The posts should have minimum dimensions of 4”x 4” x 8’. Posts should be cemented a minimum of 2 feet into the ground. Sandy or loose earth might require longer posts and deeper cementing. 14 feet between the posts is the minimum. Posts should be checked for cracking and rotting before entering hammock. Appropriate hardware or tree straps need to be used for support and attachment. This should be available at your local hardware store or at Chains and S-hooks are recommended. They are strong and adjustable.


Heavy Duty Stand –We recommend our 15 foot Heavy Duty Steel Stand item# BHS-417. Bliss hammocks should fit when using another brand of stand, but there is no guarantee. Stands and hammocks come in various sizes. To check, hang the hammock on the stand and adjust to fit according to hanging guidelines below.


Hanging Guidelines:  Two chains and two S-hooks have been provided to help you hang your hammock correctly. Attach the hammock to the S-hooks and the S-hooks to the chains. The chains should be attached to hanging points that are about 14 feet apart and about 5 feet off the ground. The hammock needs to sag in the middle. *Important* If your hammock is too tight it will make the hammock unstable and will cause flipping. The middle of the hammock at its lowest point should be 2 feet from the ground.  With use your hammock might stretch and may need further adjusting.


4.    Do you have replacement parts available?

We have some parts available for purchase in the Replacement Parts section. Part requests and concerns can be sent to If you do not see the part you’re looking for on our website, it may not be currently available.


5.    What if my hammock arrives broken or missing a part?

If your hammock is missing a piece (or there’s a broken part) when it arrives, please contact us within two weeks of receiving the product. Missing parts will be sent at no cost only if the request is accompanied by a proof of purchase.


6.    How long will my hammock last?

This answer is different for each product because there are many factors involved:  climate, environment, care and maintenance of the hammock, the materials the product is made from, etc. To extend the life of your hammock as long as possible, follow the suggestions in our care and maintenance area. You can also routinely clean the hammock and store it in a dry location during times of bad weather. Take special precautions with animals (pets & other yard visitors) as well, many like to chew through ropes and cords and these types of damages are not covered under the warranty.


7.    What is the weight limit on your hammocks?

Each hammock has a different weight limit based on the size and material of each item. The weight limit is noted on each individual product description, please be sure to view it before purchasing.


8.    Will hammock hooks damage my trees?

Using tree hooks shouldn’t hurt your trees; however, keep in mind that you do need to make holes to install them. There are other options available if you decide that hooks are not for you. Our tree straps are an easy alternative if you don’t want to put any holes in your trees. There is no drilling needed to use the tree straps and this also allows you to easily move your hammock to other locations and adjust the height at any time.


9.    How can I prevent against rust?


Rust is caused by the environment and is not covered by the warrantee. It is also not a defect. Small amounts of surface rust shouldn’t compromise the structural integrity of the product. To extend the life of your product, follow the care and maintenance guidelines. Wash with mild soap and water and dry thoroughly with towel. This will remove surface rust and salt. Remove rust as best as possible and use touch up enamel paint on exposed steel. Heavy rusting will weaken the product. Always use safety and inspect before using the product. Make sure your hammocks and stands are completely dry and moisture free before storing them when not in use.


10. Can I exchange with you if I purchased your brand from another online vendor?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot return our product directly to us under this circumstance. If the item was purchased from another vendor, you paid them directly and would therefore have to refer to the return/exchange policy for that specific company.


11. Do all the hammocks come with stands?

No, stands do not come with the hammocks. All stands are sold separately except the Stow EZ Hammock/Stand pop up combo sets. The items that include a stand are BH-804 and BH-805 (the same model with canopy). Please see the next question to help you choose the right stand for your hammock.


12. What size stand should I purchase?

If your overall hammock length is between 6’-10’ you should go with our 10-ft Stand. If your overall hammock length is between 10’-13’ then you should consider our 15-ft Stand (multiple colors available). Chains are included with many of our larger hammocks so they can be adjusted to a perfect fit on the 15ft stand. Please see the below chart for specific model numbers and their corresponding stand.

 10 Ft Stand (BHS-416):                            




15ft Stand (BHS-417):






BH-47&48 series (Quilted)


Chair Stand (HCS-499):






13.  What’s the return policy?

A return authorization number must be obtained for any returns. Please contact for this number. Once obtained, it should be written on the package. We do not provide return labels, so it may be shipped back to us any way at the customer’s expense. Once the item is received and accounted for (undamaged) then a refund will be issued, minus a 25% restocking fee. Please take care to check sizes and measurements before ordering you can be certain of accuracy.


14. What’s the product warranty?

All Bliss Hammock products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 1 full year from the date of purchase.  Damage caused by the environment (prolonged exposure to rain, snow heavy humidity, mold, mildew, rot, rusting etc.), improper use, or improper care and maintenance is not covered. Normal wear and tear of the product should be expected and does also not fall under the warranty. Any submitted claims must be accompanied by proof of purchase and photos of the damaged product in question.


Warranty Claims can be sent to for further review.


*Warranty excludes clearance/closeout items, non-retail, private sales, and auction website sales


15. Do you use Eco-Friendly materials?

Yes, many of our hammocks are made from a strong, breathable, recycled cotton rope.


16.  Do the products have UV Protection?

Yes, they do! Many of our products feature UV resistant coating. For more specific details on each item, please view the product details on the item you’re interested in.


17.  Are the spreader bars or ropes replaceable or sold separately?

The ropes are hand crafted and many of them braided all together at the ends. The braids usually run through the spreader bars, making it very difficult to replace one part over the other. So unfortunately we do not have this type of replacement available. However, if anything breaks during the warranty, you may submit a claim in the previously mentioned format. If a rope or spreader bar breaks after your warranty is over, you can still send a picture to and they may be able to offer you a discount on another hammock.


18.  I lost my instructions or they are missing from my package. Can I have another copy?

Many of our instructions are available right online to view and print! If you need something that you don’t see there, please email


19. I have a question about my Gravity Free Recliner or Rocking Recliner?

There is a separate page for any questions and concerns regarding all sizes of the Bliss Hammocks Gravity Free Recliners. If that section is unable to address all of your concerns, please contact customer service with the matter at


20. Can the hammock chairs be used as swings for children?

No, our hammock chairs are not made for heavy twisting and swinging. Too much twisting and winding on the ropes will eventually weaken them. If it is apparent that the ropes broke because of this, the warranty may be void. We do not recommend these for children because they may see it as a toy swing and it is not designed as such. 


21. Why doesn't my coupon work?

Our Hammock Stand coupon codes are only valid within the 48 continental US States. Unforunately at this time our special offer doesn't apply to Alaska or Hawaii. 



-On the Shopping Cart Page, enter the promo code. You cannot enter the code on the checkout page. 

-Type in your discount code on the shopping cart page and click "Apply Coupon".

-Continue to check out as usual after you see the coupon has been applied (and be sure to choose the shipping option that is offered on your coupon).


22. How do you recommend cleaning my hammock?

Hammock Care and Maintenance:


To prevent mildew and increase the useful life of your hammock store it in a dry location during seasons when it’s not in use.



Your hammock is washable with warm water and a mild detergent or soap. Don’t use harsh chemical cleaners or bleach. Rinse well and let it dry thoroughly before storing. Hammock pillows are easily removed and similarly washable.


Wood Finish:

To extend the usable life of the wood, we recommend you varnish or oil it regularly, at least once per year.



Make sure the hammock is completely dry before storing in a dry location. 



Falling and strangulation hazard!  Hammocks can be unstable. Be careful entering and exiting your hammock as injury may result. Children can become entangled in hammock strings. Do not leave children unattended in hammock.


Safety First:

Before entering hammock, inspect your hammock, hardware, installation points and objects supporting your hammock for wear or weakness. Proceed carefully and take your time getting into and out of your hammock. Any hammock may tip if your weight isn’t centered. A hammock is not a playground swing or a trampoline. Excessive swinging and other rough play may result in falls and may wear out your hammock and hardware prematurely. Small children should not play unsupervised in your hammock.


23. How do I get a catalog?

The most up to date products and new items are featured on but we would gladly send you the catalog for the current year (Please note: The hard copy may not have every single item we carry - please see the website for the most up to date products and inventory). To receive the Bliss Hammocks catalog, just use the "Contact Us" form located here: and be sure to provide your name, mailing address, phone number and indicate you are requesting a catalog. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


24. What is the weight capacity of the Gravity Free Recliners?

There are three different size loungers and they each carry a different weight capacity. If you are unsure which one you purchased, you can view the instructions (this should also contain the weight capacity).

Gravity Free Recliner: 300 lbs

XL/Wide Gravity Free Recliner: 360 lbs

2-person Gravity Free Recliner: 600 lbs