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Warranty & Replacement Claim Info

Product Warranty:

All Bliss Hammocks products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 1 full year from the date of purchase.  Damage caused by the environment (prolonged exposure to wind, rain, snow, heavy humidity, mold, mildew, rot, rusting, fire etc.), improper use, or improper care and maintenance is  not covered. Normal wear and tear of the product should be expected and does also not fall under the warranty. Misused and mistreated items are also not a manufacturer's defect.  Any submitted claims must be accompanied by the warranty claim form (download below), proof of purchase and photos of the damaged product in question. Your request will not be reviewed without these items. Claims will be responded to within 5 business days. Please note, if an item has been discontinued, we reserve the right to offer a similar model in it's place. Some products are only available while supplies last. If a product is no longer available, it cannot be replaced. Replacement product cannot be offered if you have already obtained a monetary refund from the vendor you purchased from for a defective item. Approved claims may not result in a new product, replacement parts may be sent at our discretion. Submission of a claim does not guarantee an approval.  Warranty only valid if product is purchased from an authorized dealer or Bliss Hammocks directly. 


Warranty Claims:

You may submit a claim in one of two ways:

1. Online:  Warranty or Replacement Claim Form 


2. Download and print our Warranty or Replament Claim Form  then fill out that Warranty Claim Form then send it to for further review.

*Warranty excludes clearance/closeout items, non-retail, private sales, and auction website sales

 ** Please note, if the chair was purchased through one of our other vendors or authorized dealers, refunds can only be done through them. We are unable to issue any credit back unless Bliss Hammocks processed your order directly.


Tip: Submitting a proof of purchase (like a copy of the original receipt) and a photo of the item along with your claim form helps process your claim faster.


Replacement Part Requests:  

***Please note: Any item received with shipping damage should be reported to the below email within two weeks of the purchase date. Beyond that, you may no longer be eligible to receive the part. A copy of your proof of purchase and photo of damage is required.***

Please contact Customer Service by email if you are searching for a replacement part that is not sold on this website. Be sure to include the model # or the name of the product you have. Please also include a copy of the proof of purchase and a photo of the item needed to for review. These items will help our team to better assist you. Not all parts are available - if we do not have it, your rep will let you know. Without a proof of purchase, there may be a charge for replacement parts. Please allow a 2-4 business day response time during our busy season. (If request is submitted on a Saturday or Sunday, it will be responded to on a business day). We reserve the right to deny a part request if the above requirements are not met.

 *Please note: Replacement policy excludes clearance/closeout items, non-retail, private sales, and auction website sales as those items are part of a special offer.*

You may also contact Customer Service by using this Online Contact Form, if you are searching for a replacement part that is not sold on this website.





Product was purchased with mildew:      

  • Notification of mildew must be made within 2 weeks from date of purchase.
  • Replace product at no charge with proof of purchase date.
  • Receipt – shipping document – credit card statement

Without proof of purchase date: Unfortunately we can only offer replacement at the customer loyalty discount of 25% off the retail selling price plus shipping.

After 2 weeks: Our manufacturers warranty does not include mildew. Mildew is caused by too much moisture in the environment.  To take action to prevent it: wash with warm mild soapy water. Let it dry thoroughly in the sun. Reduce exposure to moisture.


Wrong Size:

Bliss hammocks might fit when using another brand of stand, but there is no guarantee. Stands and hammocks come in various sizes. To check if it is the right size, hang the hammock on the stand and adjust the fit according to hanging guidelines.



Fading is caused by excessive exposure to the sun. Damage caused by the environment is not covered by the warranty.



Rust is caused by the environment and is not covered by the warranty. It is also not a defect. Small amounts of surface rust shouldn’t compromise the structural integrity of the product. To extend the life of your product, follow these care and maintenance guidelines for rust prevention and removal:

  • Wash with mild soap and water and dry thoroughly with towel. This will remove surface rust and salt.
  • Remove rust best possible and use touch up enamel paint on exposed steel (nail polish can help if regular enamel paint is not available).
  • Heavy rusting will weaken the product.
  • Anti-Rust Sprays on any areas that may tarnish over time (hardware, joints etc).
  • Store in a safe dry area during winter months. Do not store away a wet product. Fully towel dry first.
  • Always use care and safety, inspect the product for using. 
  • To remove any rust water from concrete, use vinegar (splash over the area, let sit, then scrub clean). If the area is subborn, also try rust removing cleaners.



Return Policy:

A return authorization number must be obtained for any returns. Please contact for this number. Once obtained, it should be written on the package.  We do not provide return labels, so it may be shipped back to us any way at the customer’s expense. Once the item is received and accounted for (undamaged) then a refund will be issued, minus a 25% restocking fee. Please take care to check sizes and measurements before ordering so you can be certain of accuracy. Returns must come back in items original packaging. 

Please note, if the chair was purchased through one of our other vendors or authorized dealers, returns can only be done through them. We are unable to issue any credit back unless Bliss Hammocks processed your order directly.

Damaged/Missing Products & Parts:

Bliss Hammocks must be notified within two weeks of receiving the product if it has arrived damaged or is missing parts. If we are not notified right away, it will be assumed the damage has occurred after product use and it may no longer be eligible for return.

Extend the life of any product by storing in a dry place between use. 




***All policies and terms can be subject to change without notice.