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2 - Tree Straps & "S" Hooks

Model #HA-505
Color: Aluminum


Availability: In stock

  • Easily hang your hammock with ultimate portability!
  • Use the hammock straps to wrap around trees & hang your hammock anywhere.
  • Straps are 6 feet long And are made of strong, non slip, polyester/nylon material.
  • Loops at the end of the straps feed through for a snug wrap around tree.
  • 2 zinc coated "S" hooks included.


These straps allow you to hang your Hammock without harming your tree. The straps wrap around the trees and come with rings to attach the "Z" clip to hang your hammock. You are provided two straps per pack and the straps measure 3 inches wide by 120 inches long and are made of heavy duty weather-resistant strapping.

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